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Church basement dream dictionary

THE DREAM I was being chased by someone. I'm not sure who was chasing me at first but the man eventually turned into my husband. I was at a school first but ran toward the church that I attended as a teenager. I kept running and hiding. There was another man who said he would help me. I remember five scalpels. I opened a vent in the floor and dropped one of the scalpels down it to see how long of a drop there was. It must have been about 10 feet more or less. So I jumped down the vent and landed in the activities room of the church basement. I picked up the other 4 scalpels before I jumped thinking I had better take them with me so I could be safe. The second man helped me stand up. We heard footsteps upstairs and ran into a hallway. The man said, "Run out the side door and we'll head toward McDonald's." I was confused because there was no side door in the church basement and there was no McDonald's within walking distance in my home town. There is one about 2 miles from the church but he didn't mention having a car and I thought he meant we were to walk or run there. We ran to the side door and there was one but it looked like the regular door upstairs. The footsteps were gaining on us. I remember thinking that we couldn't be in the basement at all.

THE REALITY The dreamer bumped into her ex the day before the dream . He made a sexual proposition towards her realising that she was separated from her husband. It was a somewhat crude suggestion though. The dreamer was also dissatisfied with her husband as well and felt that he too was treating her like a piece of meat sexually. He seemed to have developed a kinky interest in porn web sites. The dreamer was also questioning her faith. She used to visit church regularly and was an active member in bible reading. But now she was increasingly disillusioned with the church.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dream are about little incidents which affect our emotions from the day before. In some way the dream defines some change in our beliefs. The sexual proposition seems likely to be very strongly linked to this dream .

This was a difficult dream to interpret. It was obvious in some way that the dream linked back to this meeting with her ex lover. But how exactly. There was some immediate indications of sexual involvement. The dreamer recognised scalpels as possible symbols for sexual partners. The dreamer had had only four sexual partners so in some way this confused her. But the scalpel is an obvious link into the dream . It symbolises the surgical way that the dreamer had been propositioned by her ex lover.

Basements are strong symbols. They usually link to hidden feelings that we are bottling up such as grudges. They link to hidden raw emotions - strong misgivings. But this is in some way a church basement so that's a complex symbol. Churches link more to our own personal strong beliefs. This dreamer had previously been a strong believer but now she was even thinking of changing religions.

In this case the church basements probably sums up her initial emotions at been propositioned. She was still married and it was against her natural instincts to cheat(even though they were separated). So the church basements represents the intense negative feelings she felt at even been propositioned. Initially she runs here to the church because it represents her initial reaction which was guilt.

But dream capture our changing and complex emotions and later the dreamer leaves the church. So she in someway abandons those strong beliefs of loyalty in marriage. This indeed marked the turning point. Later in the dream its important that she recognises that she is no longer in the church. That is a possible recognition of that relationship now been over - her marriage was now dead and so those loyalties.

The hallway is a symbol of transition. It shows that the dreamer is in a period of change when her views are starting to move. In this case it refers to emotions. This proposition marks firstly the death in her mind of her marriage but later the dream also deals with her thoughts on the sexual proposition from the day before.

McDonalds is very much a fast food restaurant. It provides some quick pleasure but it is far from deep and meaningful. That shows that what was been offered to her when she was propositioned was not deep and sensitive sexual love. It was basically a meaningless encounter.

Note also that the house was upstairs. Upstairs often refers to thoughts that we are constructing in the higher parts of our mind. Hence when the house is upstairs it shows that these thoughts are how she imagines something to be. In this case its her imagining the sordid sexual experience that was to come if she accepted the offer.

Symbolic Meanings
2 : "a choice between two clear options"
BASEMENT : "feelings of guilt"
CAR : "the dreamers direction in life and progress towards her goals"
CHURCH : "the dreamers beliefs and commitment in her marriage - she realises it is over"
HALLWAY : "a period of transition - the dreamer is entering a new period after the end of her marriage"
SCALPEL : "surgical and unemotional - she was basically offered a sexual relationship in a clinical way"
UPSTAIRS : "how you imagine something will be"
VENT : "relieve tension"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was propositioned yesterday. Now I realise that my marriage is over. "

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