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Ghost in Haunted Apartment

A dream with a scary house was linked to the dreamers mother attempting to "scare the life out of her" as she was neglecting her studies.

THE DREAM In the dream, I was moving house to the 18th storey of an apartment. Someone told me one of the storeys contained a praying shrine and I was hoping it wasn't my storey. However, when I walked all the way to the end, I saw a scary-looking statue with 6 arms perched on a chair outside my new house.

The walls were see-through and there were two doors. One led to a small kitchen, which was connected to the living room. The living room lacked light and contained only a long, empty fish tank. Suddenly my mother appeared beside me and told me I would be staying in this house. I felt scared because I could sense an eerie presence, but I tried to be brave.

As I settled down in the house, a white figure with long black hair and a bloody dress formed behind me. She never directly approached me but I knew she was there and it freaked me out. Later she 'communicated' with me that her chopped-up body was stuffed in a dent in some metal pipes on the ceiling. She wanted me to help her. It was then I stopped feeling frightened and started feeling sorry for her instead.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION For some time I've neglected my studies, choosing to go out with friends daily and coming back home quite late. I feel guilty over not managing my time well but don't know how to be the hard working student I once was. Also, I had an argument with my mother the night before I went to bed, and the last thing she did was to scold me for not sleeping earlier.

Posted at August 31, 2011, 00:03 by Orange (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 31, 2011, 03: 3: 18) Well dreams are like metaphors. In this dream your mother says that from now on you will be staying in the scary house in the dream. It reminds me of the things that mothers say - such as "if you do not behave then the monsters will get you". In this case you kind of heed the warning - you realise that you should be more conscientious.

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