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Deserted streets dream

The day before this dream the dreamer had been upset because he was not warmly welcomed at his former workplace. This dream is evokes similar feelings - an unfriendly situation where he feels excluded.

THE DREAM I am in the old part of town. Much of the streets seem deserted. I then see boys who seem to be part of a gang. I know I am going to have to fight them. There was a general bad feel to this dream.

THE REALITY The dreamer had met her old boss the day before. She had visited her old workplace. She felt a bit annoyed because she did not receive the warm welcome she wanted. She felt a bit ignored.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I felt really frustrated when I went back to my old workplace. I was virtually ignored. I tend to think of myself as being as an integral part of the team yet I felt really snubbed and a little worthless. It actually annoyed me a lot because I feel my boss never recognised me or my contribution."

DREAM ANALYSIS Often its able to see what a dream links to by the emotions in it. Often if you felt some bad emotions the day before they will played out in a dream. In this case the dreamer did recognise those same emotions when she woke up. She had visited her old workplace the day before and felt a sense of rejection. She was ignored by some old co-workers.

The dreamers old workplace is within the old part of town where the dream takes place. Dreams make little associations like this. The fact that the dream is in the same part of town could be a hint that the dream is about this issue. A dream will often make simple connections like that.

Fighting in dreams can often link to bad feelings. They can link to resentments and feelings of rejection. The dreamer wanted her former co-workers to recognise the progress she had made in her life. She just felt rejected especially by one or two whom she always felt thought they were superior to her. It was all probably in her mind as it was a busy environment. But dreams capture how we feel about something not the reality. She felt rejected and that's what the dream captured. She often felt like she had to fight to get recognition and respect. The dream uses fighting as a simple metaphor for this feeling "It was always a struggle there and they never really wanted me." This is mixed in with feelings that we associate with fighting such as "I feel a real sense of confrontation."

The gang is a very relevant symbol to this situation. In real life the dreamer did not feel accepted and felt excluded from the team she used to be a member of. Now she was not part of the "team" and was excluded. Gangs revolve around these specific feelings - a gang sticks together like a strong team.

Symbolic Meanings
FIGHT : "resentments and frustrations - the dreamer feels rejected because her former co-workers largely ignored her "

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