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A tornado dream and unfamiliar house

The grabbing and tornado in this dream are all metaphors to describe the chaos and problems that the dreamers sister was facing at the time of the dream.

THE DREAM It was an unfamiliar town and I spotted a tornado off in the distance, heading our way. Grabbing the owner of a home and her son, I instructed we should go into the basement of their house. The basement had a sliding glass door where we could see what was happening. I realized the house was airborne. I tried to move toward the inside wall near the stairs and away from the glass doors and grab onto something secure. The piece of plumbing I tried to use for support turned out to be plastic and very pliable, thus offering no support. I then woke up in a foetal position, holding my breath.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had a talk with her sister. Her sister was trying to get rid of an unwanted guest at home. She had moved in and had taken over the home and become very abusive. The dreamer was consulted on how best to achieve this.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about recent dilemmas. They can therefore be about very specific matters. The dreams may represent how best to achieve some given outcome. The dreamer in this case mentioned a conversation the dreamer had had about how to get rid of an unwanted house guest. Something like this can trigger a dream. Its just a matter of trying to work out what the different symbols could mean.

If the dreamers sister tries to evict an unwanted guest then this can obviously cause a huge scene. The tornado shows just how strong the dreamer feels that this eviction would cause. So its obvious that her sister is facing a tornado like response.

Clues about how the dreamer feel her sister should deal with this are also revealed. The sliding door signifies the need to keep an eye on what is happening. So perhaps the dreamer feels her sister should approach the issue cautiously watching constantly for a bad reaction.

But the dream also reveals how the dreamer feels about how difficult a task this was. The plastic pipe shows that she probably she is aware that this is a very difficult situation. That the reaction of her sisters house guest would be bad.

It is often thought that dreams offer us advice. Its likely that this dream shows the dreamers assessment of this problem. Yet dreams are not a magic wand. They merely reveal our inner intuitions. This dream probably shows that the dreamer has not got any good advice. She is aware that if her sister asks her unwanted house guest to leave it will cause a huge response.

Symbolic Meanings
BASEMENT : A place of safety during tornadoes
SLIDING DOOR + SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING : Approach things cautiously and watch for any reactions
TORNADO : The arguments with his girlfriend
PLASTIC PIPE : The dreamer feels she can not offer any real help in solving this dilemma. It would cause a huge reaction. Her sister would not have anything to hold onto.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My sister asked me how best to get rid of her unwanted house guest. I told her to be as cautious as possible but I know it will not be easy. "

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