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Leader of men dream

THE DREAM The leader. I had a dream where I was a leader or where I had to be leader. I had said something to this young teenager and he was offended. He thought I was swearing at him - which I was. But I was not swearing at him I was just swearing. I was being misinterpreted. I was tending to offend and annoy these boys who felt I was arrogant. I felt I needed to inspire them.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer met someone the day before who seemed to look up respectfully at the dreamer. He was not used to trying to fit into this kind of role and found it all very uncomfortable. This person was treating him like he was very important.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Many of our dreams link to day to day feelings. In life we are used to fitting into a certain kind of role. A businessman will get used to treating people in a certain way. Taking charge becomes a bit of a habit. If someone treats us in a way which is not typical then it can make us feel uncomfortable. This might have been the case the day before when someone treated the dreamer like he was very important.

This theme seems to have been repeated in the dream. So we can guess that the dream links to this exact kind of feeling "I felt uncomfortable with that young man yesterday as he seemed to really look up to me as if I was very important. I did not quite know how to behave. I suppose my actions might have been seen as arrogant. I don't know how you are supposed to behave when someone really looks up to you."

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