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Laugh, cry and blood - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I had some strange dreams last night. The first one my boyfriend and our room mate were being mean to me in the grocery store, then my boyfriend and I went to some guys house, we were walking up to the garage and a black guy was yelling at the white guy, something about drugs, the black guy some how fell and hit his mouth on the little step part as you walk into the garage, busted out his 2 front teeth then blood started pouring out, you could hear it falling from his mouth hitting the ground, sounded like rain, it was ALOT of blood.

The next my boyfriend and I were at an Astros game, they were playing UofT and won, after the game I was talking to my boyfriend then heard a noise from the field, which was now an arena. A UofT football player was on the field trying to lasso a bull, then another UofT player came out to do tricks with it, but something went wrong and someone in the crowd yelled at him to just leave it alone and run away, he yelled back that he didn't know what was going on and he was about to do that, that's when he fell over the edge of the arena. It was like an orchestra pit, he hit the concrete and people started laughing until he started crying, and someone (sounded like my aunts voice) said oh he broke something, I looked over the edge and there was blood everywhere, he was laying face down, so I made my boyfriend go down there to try to help him. Then the thunder woke me up.

THE REALITY The dreamer wished for a closer relationship with her boyfriend so he could share more emotions and feelings. She sensed that beneath his male exterior he had problems that perhaps needed to be talked out. But the dreamer faced opposition from a largely male household. The dreamer feels that their home is too male in its outlook and needs some female emotions.

THE INTERPRETATION Shops are symbols of what we want in life. In this case the dreamer is been ridiculed in the shop. That suggests that her desires are not been taken seriously.

The dream also features a lot of pain and violence. That perhaps suggests that the two are connected. That the dreamer feels overwhelmed by her boyfriend and room mate both who are male. That she is perfectly aware of the largely male atmosphere and so any attempts to show feelings and emotions are shunned. But she also senses that they probably need to talk some issues out. That frustrations tend to be alleviated through male aggression. The two black guys, the bull and the sports arena all tend to link to male attitudes.

Symbolic Meaning
BLACK GUYS : "a very male orientated outlook - inability to express frustrations "
BLOOD : "the dreamer senses pain and frustration in her boyfriend that she feels should be talked out"
BULL : "male aggression and attitudes"
LAUGHING : "her wishes are ridiculed by her boyfriend and room mate"
SHOP : "what the dreamer really wants from a relationship"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am living in a flat with my boyfriend and his room mate. Its a very guy environment. I keep trying to introduce some female energy into the place but its really not working at all."

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