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Bathing suit dream

THE DREAM I dreamt that I was in my bathing suit, and my boyfriend was beside me and we were in a building that had a huge outdoor swimming pool. I wanted to go swimming more than anything. My boyfriend kept stalling, by socializing with people in the building and window shopping (in the building). He didn't want me going out of his site, so I had to wait for him to go to the pool, so I kept nagging him, and he kept stalling.

THE REALITY The dreamer was wanting to go in a new direction in her relationship. Her emotions were generally unsettled. Her boyfriend was not really able to understand this or sense this need in her.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream was featuring the dreamers boyfriend. In many cases (the majority) such dreams will link to new feelings about the state of the relationship. In this case she was wanting to go swimming in the dream. Swimming is symbolic of emotions and in particular personal emotions. They show that you wish to make an effort emotionally. They show you wanting to progress towards something new.

Huge symbols in dreams can often relate not so much to us but to our feelings about other people and their behavior. Its about how our feelings are shaped by the actions and behavior of those around us. They are often symbolic of how we wish to change the behavior of others - in this case change how her boyfriend thinks.

In the dream there is a definite feel of nagging and also of her boyfriend stalling. That matched real life. Often emotions in dreams are important. They are also easy to match up to real life as we just look for situations where we feel identical emotions.

In this dream then the symbols capture the following feelings that matched real life - "I have been trying to drop hints about our relationship. I want us to move forward in a more serious way. He does not seem to sense my own emotional needs and just seems distracted by day to day stuff."

Symbolic Meanings
HUGE : "My feelings are affected by the actions of other people - I also want to change their behavior and in particular my boyfriends behavior"
SWIMMING : "I want him to make a real emotional effort with me and for our relationship to progress"

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