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Spies everywhere - dream analysis

A dream about spies occurred to someone who monitoring his ex girlfriends behaviour. Clearly, he was spying on her and suspected she was spying on him

THE DREAM - I am on a golf course. There appear to be lots of spies around.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just broken up with his girlfriend. He still came into contact with her and it was very awkward. He was watching what she was doing and also pretending that he had not seen her. He felt that she was monitoring him as well.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was very likely to be in the same place as his ex the next day. So he was obviously thinking about her - he was trying to avoid her but also tended to try to see what she was doing. The two symbols in the dream seem to be linked to this issue. Spies were an excellent symbol for how they were both acting. They were both spying on each other - seeing how they were doing.

Golf also tends to be a symbol which could link to this type of issue. In golf you tend to get closer and closer to the target. In this case golf could represent how he was getting closer and closer to his ex - they were very likely to bump into each other at any point.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
SPIES:"She is aware of everything that I do and I am watching her as well"
GOLF: "We are bound to bump into each other - I do not want to see her face to face"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following thoughts - "We keep watching what each other is doing - we are bound to bump into each other eventually"

See how the different symbolic meanings join together form the dreamers exact thoughts

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