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A tornado and sunshine - dream dictionary

Who or what could this tornado represent? The dreamers step daughter had been in an emotional storm recently. Surely this tornado dream was a metaphor for her temper.

THE DREAM - There was tornado was at my door went I open it and it seem as if I was being caught up in the wind but my husband saved me. Just as he saved me the sun came out and the tornado stopped.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had an argument with her stepdaughter and it led to her leaving and moving out. The day before the dream the stepdaughter contacted her and talked about how she loved her and respected her but that she could not live under the same roof as her.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams will often represent our emotions and can be triggered off by strong emotions the day before. In this case the dreamer had a big talk with her stepdaughter the day before the dream. This surely caused this dream. motions regards her stepdaughter.

The dream perfectly captures the change in her feelings regards her stepdaughter. The tornado represents her stepdaughter losing her temper. The sunshine represents a new and more peaceful stage.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
TORNADO : "The argument with the dreamers stepdaughter"
TORNADO ENDS: "The argument with the dreamers stepdaughter is sorted out"
SUNSHINE : "A new more peaceful phase with the stepdaughter showing respect for the dreamer"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "The argument with my stepdaughter has been sorted out. She has told me that she respects me and loves me but just cannot live under the same roof"

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