Copperhead snake strikes - dream interpretation

If you have a dream about someone you are in a relationship with then try writing down a quote which captures your feelings about it right now. Its most likely that the dream translates into that quote.

THE DREAM We were standing somewhere, not sure where and talking. Then I looked down and a bunch of snakes where around us. I went to pick up something and a copperhead made a strike and bit me on the hand in which I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer and his wife were going through a nasty divorce - one which the dreamer did not want. The way she was treating him led to him growing to hate her.

THE INTERPRETATION Snakes symbolise problems and things that will bite us. So a nasty divorce is a perfect is prime territory for snake dreams. Here the dream captures how the dreamer feels unable to act in any way in order to secure his marriage.

Symbolic Meanings
SNAKE : "The dreamer is stuck in a problem marriage - the relationship is growing very bitter"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am trying to prevent my marriage from breaking down. But right now its very bitter. I am growing to hate my wife".

Try to see how new conceptual feelings are portrayed by the different dream symbols.

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