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Dream meanings - scorpion chasing my son

THE DREAM - My dream included my son running from a scorpion and I kept trying to kill it and get it away from him. She kept saying oh its not going to hurt him and picked it up and put it to her face and it didn't sting her. I still wanted them dead and away from him.

THE REALITY The dreamers young son was always getting into trouble. His wife was always yelling at him to stop, leave it alone and, so on.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can often be about relationships. They show us thinking about just how someone is behaving. This dream seems to be about two relationships. The dreamers relationship with his son and his wife's relationship to his son. The scorpion representing his his wife's strict treatment. The dreamers wife does believe the scorpion is harmful. This merely represents the wife's belief that such treatment damages her son.

Dream like this help us clarify things. The dreamer is aware of the difference in their treatment of their son and obviously thinks about it. It does not mean that the dreamer thinks his wife abuses his son. It just shows that their is a difference of opinion. Dreams use symbols in exaggerated ways. If the dreamer disagrees with his wife then her behavior will be represented by extreme and negative symbols. We constantly use language in real life in exaggerated ways(eg "he is a monster" ). Dreams follow this tendency.

Symbolic Meanings
SCORPION:"The dreamers wife stricter approach to her son - telling him off"
SON IN TROUBLE:"The son had a natural tendency to get into trouble."
WIFE WITH SCORPION TO FACE:"The wife does not believe that treating her son strictly damages him. The dreamer does not like him to be treated that way."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I like to be less strict with my son. My wife tells him off for the slightest thing. She just believes that such treatment never did her any harm so its OK to treat our son like this."

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