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Angry dog dream

This dream was a dream of contrast. In real life the dreamer had seen a couple playing happily with a dog. In this dream the overall mood is unhappy and tortured. So the dream seems to capture the feeling "I saw that couple playing happily with their dog. It made me feel how unhappy I am and how my relationships never work out"

THE DREAM - I had a dream last night that I was playing with a small dog at home. I kept picking it up rubbing it having a good time and then out of nowhere rage took over my body and I start trying to bash the dogs head in to the wall and ground. It was a fairly small dog, Maybe a chitzu or something. I couldn't really stop beating it. Then the dog started bleeding out of control from its head and blood was flying everywhere in the house. After I continually tortured the dog it started to bite back. I threw it down then walked away then it hopped up and ran back towards me started biting my leg but I kept kicking it. Then it stopped and laid on the ground. I picked it up and started rubbing it again and blood continued to flow from it. So I sat it up straight on the ground and it fell over and died.

1. The dreamer saw a dog that was similar the day before. There was a man and woman playing with him in the grass.
2. Dogs in dreams can symbolise friendly and loyal relationships. If they get angry they can symbolise a lack of loyalty and problems.
3. The dreamer loves dogs and would never hurt one.

The dreamer was having a lot of relationship issues.

DREAM ANALYSIS If the dreamer is preoccupied with an issue then its likely that any dream will be about that issue. Relationships can cause many dreams especially if there are problems.

The day before the dreamer saw a dog playing with a happy couple. Sometimes we see other people and reflect on our own issues. Seeing a happy couple playing with a dog will draw attention to the fact that the dreamer is having problems with her own relationship.

The dream is of course not about some rage the dreamer has for dogs. The dreamer is unable to play with the dogs without feeling rage. So its likely that she is realising that she is feeling rage and is unable to relax and have fun with her boyfriend.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Seeing that dog playing with that happy couple made me think about the state of my relationship. I am having some problems right now."

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