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Ignoring my father dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am walking down the street to my fathers house(we do not get along in reality). When I get to the next door neighbours I realize that I do not want to really go there. Its also very slippery. I try to sneak past the front window and stay on my feet. I have crept past the house. I then look at the car. Its broken down and my father is busy trying to fix it. I then try to sneak past it and run very fast and seem to manage this without being noticed.

THE REALITY The dream had recently had a very turbulent relationship with a woman. They were not involved but things had got complicated as they both realized their was sexual tension and tension generally. They had recently seemed to sort things out. But just the day before the dreamer had ignored the woman.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dreams will seem to be about one thing and they are actually about something else. Look at the themes and emotions of a dream and see what is happening. The dream deals with the dreamer ignoring someone. That was a very relevant theme to real life. Indeed many dreams will link to the previous days thoughts or events. That's definitely the case here but How?

In many ways the actions of the dreamer mimic real life. He is moving towards the house yet wants to ignore his father. This captures the situation in real life. The dream felt drawn towards this woman (walking towards) yet also felt the reflex to just ignore her as it had created tension.

The symbol of the father type relationship has great relevance here. Father type relationships often involve the need to impose order and to sort things out. Fathers intervene when things get out of control. They represent the need to restore order and act sensibly. In real life they had sorted things out to a small degree but not enough. So his reflex was still to ignore her.

The slippery ground shows the precarious nature of the relationship. The dreamer does not feel confident and self assured in front of the woman. He still feels that the situation is very 'slippery'. Symbolic Meanings
FATHER : "Father type relationships often involve the need to act more sensibly. The dreamer had started to sort things out as they had previously got out of control."
SLIPPERY : "The current situation was not sorted out - it was still very slippery"
IGNORE : "This symbol copies the way the dreamer continues to ignore the woman who had been causing tension."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "There has been a lot of tension between this woman and me. I have been dealing with it by ignoring her. But recently we seemed to half sort things out. But my reflex is just to ignore her."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight into the state of the relationship.

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