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Vibrant kiss in vivid dream

THE DREAM There was a guy and me. This guy I have feelings for (don't know who he was in real life). He wasn't in a very good mood, so I tried to cheer him up, I started kissing him all over his stomach. He had a temporary tattoo of white lips. I remember kissing it. Those lips were so vibrant and white, and on a white person's skin even. I woke up with such a vivid picture of them in my mind.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in a relationship but things were not going so well. The dreamer was trying to open up communication but things were not going so well.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream featured a man that the dreamer had feelings for. If she is in a relationship its very probable that the dream links to her current feelings about the state of the relationship. She had a real problem with the communication in the relationship at that moment. He was really not opening up.

Kissing is often a sign that you feel attracted to some idea. The lips are a symbol connected with the mouth. So lips can link easily with issues connected with communication(we speak through our mouths). So perhaps this is a symbol of his willingness to communicate - or of her wish that he starts to talk.

The tattoo would seem connected to his behavior. It is on him. The stomach is a difficult symbol. Some people suggest that it links to your guts and courage. It would therefore be about his guts and courage to talk through issues. Stomachs are also where we digest food. So perhaps the stomach links to his need to digest her strong desire for him to communicate.

The tattoo in that sense would be linked to her wish that he openly and publicly states that he wishes to communicate - or at least that he understands her need to talk.

Symbolic Meanings
KISS : "the dreamer was trying to show affection"
LIPS : "communication - the dreamer had been talking to her boyfriend trying to open communication"
TATTOO : "being quite open about something - showing her feelings and deep attachment to him"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not seem to be getting along with my man. I have been trying to talk to him but he does not seem to want to talk back."

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