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Skyscraper collapses dream

THE DREAM I am in a skyscraper. Apparently another skyscraper has just fallen down and collapsed. The wind is terrible and the building is swaying. I really fear that the building will collapse. I also felt a fear of heights as I do not like to be in tall buildings.

Dreams can represent recent thoughts and feelings especially from the day before. The dreamer was attracted to a woman. The last few days things had been going very well and he felt she was really returning the feelings. However, he felt uncomfortable. He felt lacking in confidence with this woman and unable to talk in a relaxed way. He felt things could come crashing down at any time.

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The dream has the following associations and symbolic meanings.
1. Skyscrapers can symbolize confidence and doing well. So the dream could relate to issues surrounding confidence, ability and things going well.
2. The fear of heights and of the building swaying could represent a current fear. Try to think of current fears which the dream could be a metaphor for.

DREAM ANALYSIS The issue surrounding confidence with this woman seems a good one to test out. The dream seems to deal with the following themes:

- A fear that things will soon come crashing down in failure.
- Issues surrounding confidence.

If we weave together this together with the real life situation we find that the dream captures these real life thoughts from the day before - "I am attracted to this woman. Things have been going really well lately and I feel that she seems to be really friendly towards me. I just fear that things will come crashing down. I am not relaxed talking with her."

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