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Pick pockets - dream analysis

Dreams use symbols as ways of expressing our views. This dream of a pick pocket was a symbol for someone that the dreamer did not trust and was trying to lend money without paying it back. The metaphor applies quite nicely - "My friend is like a pick pocket - not to be trusted."

THE DREAM - I was in Newcastle and it seemed like I was living there now. I decided to go down to the shopping centre. I was aware that there were a lot of pick pockets and thieves around. So I kept careful hold of my wallet.

THE REALITY If something has been on our minds then its likely to trigger a dream. In this case the dreamer had been thinking about friend who had taken advantage of him lending money and now seemed not very likely to pay it back. The dreamer had made it clear he wanted paying back. He expected the two of them to just ignore each other yet his friend still talked in quite a friendly way. They seemed to have entered this new phase. The dreamer was OK this but was still very weary of him and was determined not to give into any further requests for money. The dreamer had a tendency to give into people and in this case the friend was very persistent and continually managed to lend money and get favours.

THE INTERPRETATION If someone has leant money off you and never intends to pay it back then its little better than stealing. So its easy to see how this dream links to reality. It seems to be linked more to the future than the past. The dreamer was determined not to make the same mistake twice running.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
THIEF: "If he lends money off me and does not intend paying it back then its little better than stealing"
NEWCASTLE: This is a wordplay on NEW and captures this feeling - "The relationship seems to be in a new phase. We are still on friendly terms."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following thoughts that the dreamer had - "I made it clear that I wanted this money paying back. I was wondering how this would affect our relationship. He seems OK and we have still been talking in a friendly way. We have definitely entered a new phase. But I shall have to hold on very tightly to my money. I am not going to easily trust him again."

See how the different symbolic meanings join together form the dreamers thoughts about his relationship with a friend who had lent money off him.

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