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Huge and dangerous waves - dream symbolism

THE DREAM I was on a beach and watching the surfing taking place. It was rather slow and boring. Later on I am seeking safety. I was sheltering from the waves. I was been very cautious. The waves were very unpredictable. I could have been washed off my feet. I was explaining this fact to others.

THE REALITY The dreamer was taking a very cautious approach with a woman he knew. Previously his relationship with her had been very volatile and so he was trying to keep his distance from her.

THE INTERPRETATION The first task with any dream is to guess what may have triggered it. In this case a key thought on this dreamers mind concerned a relationshipwith a woman at work. Previously she had caused him a lot of trouble. Now things had been sorted out but he still felt the urge to avoid her.

So the dream definitely seems consistent with this likely trigger. The huge waves represent the volatility of the relationship. His wish for caution was symbolic of his own real life wish to avoid this woman even though he was attracted to her.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
HUGE WAVES: "The dreamer was worried about a relationship. It had previously been very volatile causing him huge emotional pressure"
CAUTIOUS : "The dreamer was wanting to take a cautious approach and so was avoiding this woman even though he was attracted to her"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really do like this woman but she is quite volatile and difficult. I was quite hurt by her in the past."

See how the symbolic meanings use metaphors to capture the dreamers recent thoughts about a key relationship

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