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Dream - dolphins and lifeguard and beautiful calm sea

THE DREAM I came home and their waiting on the table was a gift for me, I opened it and found 2 shirts and this big seashell. I went to the beach and looked across the water to a island. I asked the life guard when High tide was and she didn't know, I wanted to swim to the island but thought I'd better stay where I was at. I saw dolphins swimming through the surf and thought that it was cool. The water was a deep blue and very calm. My mum was the one that gave me the gift that was waiting for me. The gift was from a friend.

THE REALITY The dreamer was involved with a man but she felt that it was better to hold back. She was doing a lot of deep thinking and realised that she often gives a lot but she does not think about what she wants.

THE INTERPRETATION The setting is this ocean which is a classic symbol of the unconscious and in particular emotional relationships and connections. SEAS and OCEANS : oceans in dreams can symbolise your emotions as they mix in with other people. They can symbolise moments of emotional connection. It may be triggered by some exciting situation where you experience strong emotions with others. For instance a sleep-over with friends or a great date. Such dreams show us experiencing feelings with others but these are often simply strong emotions they are not linked to any specific issue.

The dolphin is also a clear symbol of a highly activated unconscious mind. DOLPHINS : Any living creatures within the sea show signs of deep life within your emotions and feelings. Dolphins are great communicators and they are also very spiritual. They therefore symbolise communication with your own feelings. You are in touch with your own emotions.

Mothers are symbols of cautious emotions. They show you being responsible and that clearly links to the dreamers caution as regards the relationship. A gift is often something that has great emotional significance. That obviously links with reality here as the gift for the dreamer was to hold back and experience real emotional growth as a result.

The ocean then links with our feelings. The land symbolises facts and reality. So if the dreamer is heading for land it shows that she has come to an opinion on the issue. But she stays where she is and that obviously links with reality. She has decided to stay this state of unconscious realization. She is letting the natural flows of her desires rise to the surface.

The dream also shows these two shirts. The number two often links with a situation where she has two choices. Clothes are symbols of the signals that we send out to people. They are the moods that we choose to "wear".

Symbolic Meanings
2 : "a choice between two clear options "
BEACH : "thinking over some issue which involves your feelings and your real life situation - how do you really feel!"
CALM : "a lack of anxiety about something - the dreamer wants to take her time and make the right decision"
LIFE GUARD : "a safe and thoughtful route - the dreamer is taking a responsible route in emotional affairs"
LOOK : "making sure of something - being sure about something"
MUM : "taking a cautious approach - being sure of your feelings"
SWIM : "exploring her feelings "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am involved with a man right now. But I do not want to make a serious commitment right now. I think its right to take my time and be sure of my feelings."

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