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My son and fire dream

DREAM - my son and fire My oldest son (that has autism) was with me and his brother (and oddly, my ex husband) while we were travelling. My ex husband had started a "camp fire" and placed my oldest son on a pillow near the fire. I was concerned in my dream that it was too close to the fire and sure enough, suddenly the pillow caught on fire (that my son had his head on). My ex husband was looking at the fire on the pillow but not moving or acting to put it out. So I finally yelled ( It was as if I couldn't move at all to get near my son) and finally my ex husband stood up and helped my son put the fire out. When I finally was able to move in my dream, I checked on my son and 2 of his fingers were burned off to the their knuckles. I was crying and rushing to get him help when I woke up.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:My son is currently having his time with my ex husband ( we are divorced and on different coasts). Anyway, he is not very compassionate or attentive to my oldest son and often ignores him due to his autism. I fell asleep praying for God to protect Austin (my oldest son) while he was not currently in my care.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : You say "he is not very compassionate or attentive to my oldest son and often ignores him due to his autism."

Well your dream just means that. Most dreams do not really tell us something that we do not know... they are merely symbolic versions of your own thoughts.

If you could write a story to say this "he is not very compassionate or attentive to my oldest son and often ignores him due to his autism."

then that story would be just like your dream. The dream merely captures your feelings .... its like a short play.

It also plays out a WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO. But really the dream just captures your anxieties and expresses your belief that you look after your son better than your husband

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