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Dream interpretation about hospitals and finding your purse

THE DREAM - I dreamt about Bullets and hospital. Some how I lost my purse and was walking around the hospital trying to find it, I saw people laying in bed just like a real hospital. Then I went into a room where I found my purse, some one was laying on the bed while a doctor was performing a procedure almost like a delivery room. I walked in and ask if I can help. I was a nurse obviously.

THE REALITY The dreamer went to sleep thinking of her relationship with her boyfriend and if he was happy with her. He doesn't say much about his feelings. The next day she began writing a song about her relationship. She was expressing her concerns about the relationship - was her boyfriend still as happy and in love as she was.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Many dreams are linked to recent thoughts. If you went to sleep thinking about something then try to see how the dream symbols capture some key thoughts and insights. Here she is a nurse in the dream. Surely this captures her wish to heal and improve the health of her relationship. Knowing that dreams symbolise recent thoughts and feelings makes this interpretation easy.

Symbolic Meanings
NURSE : "Wanting to improve the health of her relationship"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I went to sleep last night wanting to improve the health of my relationship with my boyfriend. I want to talk through feelings. He tends to keep feelings to himself"

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