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Dream symbols - werewolf orgy

THE DREAM Werewolves were transmitting the werewolf gene by biting and having sex with people. In fact, it was more vampire like, but the symbol was werewolf, even though no one actually looked like a wolf. I was pulled into a werewolf orgy with some people I am actually attracted to in real life. I then had to tell people if they slept with me they'd turn into a werewolf and may get an STD.

There was a moment where I was in a house I've never been to, though in the dream it was my house. I was putting pillowcases on my last room mate's pillows. (I had a crush on him before we lived together, but that went away). He came up behind me and there was a moment of physical lust and as he pushed me onto the bed with his body. That's all that happened. We talked about it later to a 3rd party in a joking fashion.

Then there was a wrestling match. I'm fuzzy on these details though I'm quite sure I was participating. There was a line-up and it was outdoors and sunny (in sand?) A friend of mine in line was wearing a gorgeously designed designer fashion jumpsuit. I told her she couldn't let such a fabulous piece get ruined. This started some controversy with others who told me not to tell her what to do. I think in the end she gave me the outfit or we traded. I felt a bit guilty.

THE REALITY The dreamer had not heard from a guy she was interested in. She had been thinking about how to talk to talk to him if he called. She was thinking of talking about sex as she knew he was interested in that. But she was also worried that she might appear powerless and pathetic. She was also worried that she might go off him so sex maybe a step too far.

DREAM INTERPRETATION When you have been thinking about something the night before then its likely that any dreams will link to this one event or feeling. If only one thing has been consuming your thoughts then surely it will link to this real life issue. Look for ways that the symbols could represent real life. Clearly the dream could represent sexual feelings and giving in to sexual urges. That's certainly the case with the orgy and the werewolf(representing base desires).

The STD is a good symbol. Surely this is a symbol calling for caution sexually. The need to not give into sexual urges too easily. The crush is someone that the dreamer used to like but does not any more. Her feelings in real life for this new man maybe fleeting(just like her crush).

Often dreams will present an alternative point of view. If she thinks about giving in sexually to him then her dream may represent the need to be cautious. If she had decided to be cautious then her dream would have presented the other point of view - the need to give into urges.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
ORGY : "Sexual excess - giving in to sexual urges"
WEREWOLF : "Sexual attraction and activity"
CRUSH : "Wondering if you might go off this new guy just as she went off the crush"
STD : "The need to be cautious sexually - not give into sexual urges"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am wondering how to approach this guy if he gets in touch. If I have sex with him then I may go off him."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to capture the dreamers feelings from the night before

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