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Dream - a snake trying to bite me

THE DREAM - There was a snake which was really powerful and strong. It was squaring up to me and was intent on biting me. It was very muscular. I was trying to hold it just below the head so it couldn't bite me and simultaneously cut it off with a knife. I wanted to decapitate it. It was an intense personal contest between me and the snake. It was win or lose, me versus the snake. I realised that I would need help. I could not hold onto the snake and cut its head off. It seemed as if I would have to hold onto it in this way forever in an endless fight.

THE REALITY The dreamer kept hearing his neighbour making remarks about him. The dreamer felt picked on and that his neighbour was out to get him. He felt that he would have to do something to defend himself. The previous night he laid awake worrying about how this neighbour was "really out to get him evicted."

THE INTERPRETATION The previous night the dreamer was really worried about how a neighbour who he suspected was trying to get him evicted. This is the kind of issue which will almost certainly cause a dream. Given this, its easy to see how all the symbols are relevant and how the dream totally revolves around this issue. The snake was a symbol for the complaints and venomous hatred that this neighbour had for the dreamer. The fight seems endless which seems to hint at this type of thought "this problem will not go away as he really hates me. The only way it will be resolved is if either I move out or he moves out. It seems endless."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "He is intent on causing me trouble. I really feel he is out to get me."

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