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End of the world - dream analysis

End of the world dreams can have unusual meanings. This dream linked to the dreamer wondering if her boyfriend really loved her. The end of the world is relevant because if the world was about to end then you start to learn peoples true feelings as they spill out. Yet in reality the dreamer knew that her boyfriend would not declare his undying love and that's why he fails too do so in this dream.

THE DREAM My dream was that the world was ending but taking a few days so the 1st day it was big tidal waves then the 2nd day was 1 big tornado then the next there was lots of tornado's and I was trying to dodge everything but in the dream I remember I was with my daughter at all times and wouldn't let go of her hand and also phoned up a guy I'm friends with butt also kind of seeing and he knew the world was ending and I said to him "if this is the end I want you to know I'll always love you" and he said "I love you" but he said it in a way with no emotion and almost like he felt he had to say it.

GUESSWORK The dreamer was in a relationship with a man. She was looking for commitment but he was a little confusing. One minute he referred to them as having a future then the next he referred to them as just friends. This was starting to upset the dreamer.

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1. END OF THE WORLD. End of the world dreams are often just a way of you thinking about someone's true feelings. If it was the end of the world then you would express your true feelings. If you love someone then you would tell them how truly important they are to you. If you hated them you would express those exact feelings as there would be no serious consequences as its the end of the world anyway. In this case the dreamer was thinking about a guy who she was involved with. At times he expressed a belief in their future together yet at other times he said they were just friends. So she wanted to know his true feelings. The mixed signals he was sending out were upsetting the dreamer.
2. NO EMOTIONS. In the dream the dreamers guy friend says he loves the dreamer but he says it with no emotion. This pinpoints the meaning of the dream - it focuses on the mixed and confusing signals which were upsetting the dreamer.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream captures this exact feeling - "he has been sending out some very mixed signals. This is confusing me and starting to upset me"

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