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Engagement ring missing - dream interpretation

A dream where the dreamers engagement ring was missing took place at a time when the dreamer was looking for more support from her husband.

THE DREAM I dreamt of my hand - I was looking at my hand and I noticed that I was wearing only the wedding band and my engagement ring was missing. Then I found my engagement ring but the stone was not there, I found the stone and was thinking of how to put it back. Then I was with some family members and we were all discussing the surgery I was going to do on my spine in order to become taller (in my dream, this was a new surgery technique to make people taller). I had two concerns about the surgery: 1: I was afraid of the injection 2: I could not decide how many centimetres to add.

THE REALITY The night before the dream the dreamer talked with my husband about some unpleasant feelings she has with regard to two members of his family. She felt he did not recognize her concerns for what they really are and also felt he should have shown more support to her.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams often relate to the previous day and especially if there is some issue bugging you. In this case the dreamer did have something on her mind. The previous night she wished that her husband had shown her greater recognition in her concerns about the her husbands family members. She wanted to stand tall in the eyes of her husband and also recognised her own need for greater courage in standing up to him.

The portion that deals with the engagement ring links to the dreamers thoughts about marriage and the importance of partnership. Underlying this is her feeling that she is not as highly regarded as she wishes.

Symbolic Meanings
SPINE : "a need to stand up to someone - to have more backbone "
TALL : "your own importance - the dreamer feels she needs to be taller because she wishes for more recognition from her husband"
WEDDING RING : "the importance of marriage and the need to act like a couple who recognise each others worries and concerns"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think my husband should recognise my concerns about his family members that I have a problem with. I feel I should receive greater recognition from my husband. He needs to consider my thoughts. Otherwise there is no marriage in the true sense of the word"

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