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Snake chasing me - dream analysis

A murder mystery was a symbol for someone talking to the dreamer the day before - they described something terrible yet they did not go into detail. The dreamer wondered about this conversation.

THE DREAM I am in some student halls of residence in a college. Apparently some crime has taken place. The dream is like some murder mystery - we keep been given clues as to what the terrible crime was and we were trying to piece together what had happened. I was somewhat dismissive and sceptical in my investigations. Other people were telling me what happened or probably what had happened. We were all asking questions wondering what could have caused this 'crime'.

THE REALITY This was one of my own dreams. I had just read a dream on one of the forums. The dreamer had had a dream about a snake chasing her. She mentioned that a real life issue had caused this dream but she did not go into any details - she said "During a real life situation I was afraid to overcome an obstacle in life thinking it was bigger than me. I had no hope. Nothing but fear." The vagueness of the explanation got my mind thinking. What could this terrible dream have been caused by? I was very intrigued? The absence of a detailed explanation made the dream seem so much more fearful.

THE INTERPRETATION I had read this dream analysis immediately before going to sleep. It was revolving - I was thinking what could have caused this dream. In the absence of any real information then our minds can paint a picture. Our imagination can go wild. I did think that it was probably something very ordinary that has caused this dream. Yet not knowing allows the mind to imagine the worst.

The dream that occurred when the dreamer woke up a couple of hours later really links to this real life situation. I described the dream as a murder mystery - the mystery being the most appropriate word to describe the how I thought before going to sleep. The dream mentions crime and murder - which is a perfect symbol for way I let my imagination go wild and think the worst. Yet the dream also includes an air of scepticism which symbolised my own sceptical side the night before as I tried to keep my imaginations under control. Overall the dream excellent portrays these exact thoughts the night before dream - "I read that dream analysis and it was very vague in its explanation. She mentioned about some vague fear and obstacles which scared her. But she went into no specific detail. My immediate feeling was that it was something very ordinary that caused this dream. Yet another part of me let my imaginations go wild and think the worst."

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