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Vampire and accused dream

The day before this "devil" dream the dreamer had been trying to show how she was not the one who caused an argument. She was trying to prove that she was not "the evil one."

THE DREAM Saw myself in a place filled with people, someone offered me a half done piece of meat which I ate,thereafter a strange lady told me I had a skin infection that could come from my body cream etc. She took me into a shop that seemed to be hers, she looked now like a nurse who was about giving to me an injection through my veins but I stopped her from doing same though she had pricked my skin already with the needle. I saw myself praying instead of taking the injection. It now seemed to me like I was hiding from something,when a girl called the attention of the nurse and told her I was the devil saying she saw a horn on me , I confronted the girl when I heard what she said and told her I wasn't the devil and had no horn , sooner or later, I saw some people sharing religious/Christian handouts , I decided to take both the nurse and the girl that accused me to meet with these people who were sharing pamphlet so they could say if I really was the devil . Believing them to be filled with the spirit of God. The girl who accused me somehow became a man, and we got into battle where he was releasing fire to burn places and I had my hand out as if I had some sort of power to stop him but couldn't. Somehow people gathered and, and they started sucking on each other. Like they became vampires, that was when I flew away ,like I fly running from them. But I felt someone followed me too and he too was flying. I asked him why he followed me , he said he was for Jesus not for the devil and I doubted him , but told him , I was gonna test him to know if he's really for Jesus. Just then the people we were running away from followed us, so we flew into an army building that seemed protected with the man leading the way. I woke up

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THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer was at a friends house when someone she really did not like was there. He was a former friend but now the dreamer believed that he was always waiting for an opportunity to hurt her. Her car has been dismantled and she has been robbed twice and she believes that he was behind it. She simply does not like being around him and therefore made her excuses and left immediately.

THE INTERPRETATION If something has upset you the night before its very likely that any dream you have will be about that issue. Sometimes the dream will represent your dominant emotions at the time. A dream could also represent some key thought about the situation. In this case the dreamer had left immediately after someone she did not like had arrived. She really did not like this man and thought he was really evil. Its clear how the dreamer felt and that's not what is at issue here. A real point of contention was who was right - who acted properly? Whose side will people be taking? The dreamer was not aware of what people said after she left and maybe they felt that she had over reacted. This is what the dreamer worried about.

In the dream she is the devil - whereas you would expect the devil to be a symbol for the man that the dreamer does not like. Instead she is the devil and this links to her fears that people have taken the side of the guy who creeps her out. She can guess what people are saying - the man would presumably try to argue his case. So being cast as the devil was a symbol for an awareness that others will be saying that she is in the wrong. That she has acted hastily and never gives this former friend a chance. They maybe saying that she is paranoid and has made some false claims.

Most situations are fluid they are not set in stone. The dreamer may be right in thinking that this man has plotted against her but that's not what the dream is about. Other people will not know either way and so would probably give the man the benefit of the doubt. Many dreams are similar to this in that they revolve around body language and situations which are not clear cut.

Symbolic Meanings
VAMPIRE: "He is evil and I really do think he's capable of anything"
ARMY: "People maybe think I over reacted"
DREAMER WAS DEVIL: "People are thinking I am in the wrong - after I left he was probably saying how its all me and that I am paranoid"
DEVIL: "I hate him - he is evil"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "He was at my friends yesterday and I had to leave immediately because I really do not feel comfortable around him. I think he is behind those two robberies and other bad things that have happened to me. I just worry that others will think I over reacted and that I am completely exaggerating."

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