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Car crash off cliff dream

We can often guess that a dream is about a particular subject because there are little coincidences. This dream reminded the dreamer of her neighbour's sister therefore we can guess it maybe about that subject.

THE DREAM - I was watching some people on top of the cliffs. A car crashed over the edge of the cliff. It was a Mini that was quite new(I seemed to associate this with my neighbours sisters car). Then I was watching a woman who was stood on the cliff side holding onto the cliff fence. She thought for a second then jumped off.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had been thinking about his neighbour. Her sister had died recently. He thought that this must have affected her a great deal because she lived alone and could hardly walk.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was thinking about my neighbour last night and realise that the death of her sister must have devastated her. She hardly ever gets out of the house. She has no one to do her shopping"

Dreams are very connected to thoughts on your mind the night before. This dreamer had just recently realised that a neighbours sister must have died. She had not visited for a number of weeks. He had come to the conclusion that she may have died. He had been working through the effects that this must have had on his neighbour. She was a grumpy old woman who lived alone. the only person that she knew was her sister. She was virtually housebound and depended on her sister for help in shopping and generally. The suicide at the end of the dream perhaps captured her feelings. She would have been devastated by the death and may have been tempted to just "Give up".

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "his neighbour depends heavily on her sisters car for transport"
CLIFF : "The cliff shows the harsh and difficult environment for the dreamers neighbour. She was literally on the precipice. "
SUICIDE : "The dreamer was realising that the death of his neighbours sister would have devastated her. She may have simply given up on life long gone downhill very quickly"

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