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Hundred miles an hour dream

THE DREAM I was in a car driven by someone I know (who can acually be very annoying in real life). He was driving at 100 miles an hour going to this small town up the coast. I was being flung about the car. I was also very drunk.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer often said about the man in the dream "I need to be half drunk if I am talking with him. Its the only way I can cope." This friend was often very irritating and the day before he had driven the dreamer mad. He had ended up all flustered and confused and had a real moment of frustration. His friend had the ability to talk at 100 miles an hour and at a rate that the dreamer simply could not keep up with.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream featured a friend who often had the ability to annoy the dreamer because he talked too quickly. The previous day the dreamer had been driven mad by this same friend. So it's likely that the dream is about that previous day and this friends ability to wind him up. The friend appeared in the dream as himself and was not a symbol for anything else. The dreams meaning was linked to some strong feeling about that previous evenings meeting.

The dreamer had often said that he needed to drink when he was in his friends company. In the dream he was completely drunk. These two could be connected. The dream could capture this feeling "My friend was annoying me more than usual. I did not just feel the need to drink but I felt like I wanted to get drunk."

The dreamer made a simple association with the car going fast. His friend was always talking at great speed. This is what annoyed the dreamer most about his friend as he talked so fast that the dreamer simply could not keep up. It left the dreamer having a headache. The previous evening it had been so annoying that he had been left feeling confused and tired. He felt like he was being flung about (like in the dream).

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