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Mermaid monster dream

THE DREAM I dreamt about me and my best friend. We we're at a beach and we're the only two around. He was out swimming and I was sitting on the beach. Anyway, a beautiful mermaid comes up to him and they start swimming together and playing around, kissing and such. I'm still on the beach but am crying now. The mermaid suddenly turns into a monster and is dragging my friend underwater. He's screaming my name and drowning so I swim out to save him. I'm able to get the monster off of him by hurting, but he's already passed out. I take him back to shore and do CPR. At first it's not working and I'm afraid I lost him, but after a while he comes back. The monster is a mermaid again and is calling to him. He's crying and having a fit and I have to hold him down to keep him from trying to jump back in he water. Eventually he gives up and just lets me hold him but he's still crying.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer's friend had just met a new girl and he was determined to make her his girlfriend. He had a long line of girlfriend problems. The dreamer was worried he would get his heart broken again.

DREAM ANALYSIS: People say things like "I don't even live near the see so why would I dream that?" When reading this dream they may say "I cannot even swim so how could I save my friend from drowning?" You just have to realise that a dream depicts a scenario or emotion in your life.

This dreamer simply had to take one step sideways and she realised that she was often having to "save" her friend after he got heartbroken again. He had a long history of bad girlfriends whom left him deeply unhappy.

The mermaid in this dream seems a symbol for this new girl in the dreamers friend's life whom he was determined to make his girlfriend. It all makes perfect sense. We associate mermaids with sexual attraction, the lure of the beautiful girl. The mermaid probably represents the early stage of a relationship where we idealise a new girlfriend and emphasise all their good points. The mermaid turns into a monster and this all makes perfect sense as the dreamer sees how all of her friends girlfriends "turn into monsters."

The dream then seems to deal with these main themes
- a beautiful mermaid (a symbol for the dreamers new girlfriend)
- a mermaid that turns into a monster(a symbol for the dreamers new girlfriend turning into a terrible (monster) girlfriend)
- The dreamer saving her friend (the dreamer has to pick up the pieces every time her friend gets his heartbroken. She has to save him)

If we weave together the themes listed above then we find that the dream catches this exact feeling "My friend is chasing after a new girlfriend. All he sees is her sexy lure. All I can think of is how things will all go wrong again and I end up having to fix his broken heart again."

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