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Blocking bird from entering house - dream analysis

THE DREAM I am in a house and there is a man there with me. He appears to be someone I do not know(but he appears to be commenting and advising me). There is some very large windows in the house . Some of these are open. I see one or two of them open and see a bird(or some kind of flying object) trying to get in. I realise this and block it out.

THE REALITY The dreamer had for a long time been attracted to a woman. Just recently she seemed to be sending out some signals that she wanted to develop a relationship. But recently the dreamers life had been very complicated. He did not want a relationship of any kind and started to ignore this woman and discourage the signals. The day before the dream this had started to become very obvious.

DREAM ANALYSIS Birds are symbols of communication. They are sometimes symbols for suggestions of new ideas. But they can be a signal of encouragement coming from another person - a sign that they want to encourage or discourage you. Here this was a very good symbol to explain the dreamers current situation - the day before someone was sending signals out to him and he had closed them out(closed the window).

Men appearing in dreams often link to male like emotions. Here they refer to the dreamer acting in a very aggressive manner and closing himself off to the feelings of others. Men can often symbolise a lack of communication.

The dreamer had a series of complicated feelings and was trying to close himself off even though he was attracted to this woman. He even knew that she was aware of this. The windows perhaps suggest that it was perfectly plain and obvious to see that he was reacting to her and not merely ignoring her. In effect he was merely trying to shut her out.

Symbolic Meanings
BIRD : "a clear signal or sign that you read in someone's behavior"
MAN : "male emotions - aggressively trying to cut off lines of communication - shutting someone out"
WINDOW : "Its clear and obvious what someone is thinking"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do fancy this woman but at the moment life is too complicated. I am getting definite signals from her but until my life is sorted out I cannot really start a relationship"

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