The face of death - dream interpreting

Dreams will often translate into very clear every day thoughts. A dream about death could occur when you have been thinking "I have failed" or in this case "This is the end - our friendship is over." Thats because death is like 'failure' and it is "an ending."

THE DREAM - I saw a face of death. Its eyes were all sunken and black.

THE REALITY The dreamer was trying to get back with a woman. After some early optimism he knew his attempts were bound to fail.

THE INTERPRETATION Many dreams are triggered by recent thoughts and events. The night before the dreamer had made an attempt to contact a woman he wanted to get back with. He knew really that his attempt was failing. He had sent off an email but he knew this was not going to succeed. It is easy to see how this dream captures his feelings. The face of death represented the death of this relationship.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
FACE OF DEATH :"the death of the relationship and all hopes of reconciliation."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that my attempts to get back her have failed. Its all over!"

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