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Frozen shark dream

Dreams are metaphors. The night before this dreamer had a serious conversation with her boyfriend who showed very little in the way of commitment. Think about this as you read this dream about a shark.

THE DREAM I had a frozen shark and thawed it into a tub of water on a porch outdoors, the tub was full of clear water, when the shark thawed it was alive and thrashing in the tub, I had a long knife and kept stabbing at at, the knife was getting smaller and I finally believed it was dead, I started to skin it. After meticulously skinning the shark it was devoid of its external skin and began to thrash once more, I killed it with a final stab and then continued to peel away each layer of the shark till it was dismembered in all its parts laying at the bottom of a now dry tub. I wanted to save the jaw full of teeth, I left for a moment only to return with someone having cleaned the are and covered the tub with a blanket, next to the tub were three boards that looked like diving boards hanging over the blanket covered tub. I found the person who took my shark parts and then my area resumed as it was before I left it alone, I obtained the shark jaw full of teeth and went into another dream segment.....

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer and her boyfriend had a serious conversation. He admitted that he did not want to marry. He also wouldn't discuss the future to any great extent in terms of how long he saw them as an item. The dreamer was also facing exams.

DREAM ANALYSIS Its always best to try to see if a dream symbolizes something happening right now. If something big happened the day before then see if the dream symbols seem consistent. Generally speaking if positive things seem to be happening in your life then look for positive feelings and symbols.

The day before this dream there was an issue which almost certainly caused this dream. Serious discussions with a boyfriend will trigger dreams. The dreams will link to new feelings and thoughts arising from this discussion. So how would this dream seem to link to reality?

Sharks are cold and ruthless. In this case they probably capture her feelings about her boyfriend. He admitted that he did not want to marry her and would not even discuss how long the relationship would last. Perhaps the shark symbolizes some very negative feelings that followed on from this. The dreamer sees him as cold and heartless. Perhaps unemotional and ruthless. He was using her.

The dreamer is extracting the teeth. What could this mean. In real life she managed to extract some admissions from him. The meticulous way she skins the shark probably symbolizes the depth of the discussion. She had revealed him as he truly was. She had delved into his true personality.

Symbolic Meanings
CLEAN : "Sorting things out. Working through feelings. "
EXTRACT TEETH : "In real life the dreamer was extracting the truth from her boyfriend."
SHARK : "An immediate reaction to her boyfriend - negative thoughts about how cold and heartless he was. Unwilling to commit"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday I had a serious discussion with my boyfriend. He revealed himself for how he really is. He will not commit to a long term relationship. What's the point in the relationship. He is really rather cold and ruthless towards me. "

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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