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Snake is almost dead - dream analysis

Think less about the meaning of snakes in a dream - instead concentrate on associated feelings like "it was a threat" and think of how such feelings are relevant in real life right now

THE DREAM - There is a woman holding a snake. Its coming towards me. But the snake appears to be almost motionless or even dead. Its no threat at all. Then the dream turns into a joyous scene. The scene is a wonderful valley. There are paper cut outs of people holding hands. The feeling is joyous and happy with people together.

THE REALITY The dreamer wanted to make friends with a woman. He had some issues with her. He felt that if he raised these issues in a confrontational way it may bring them together. It was a plan fraught with danger.

DREAM ANALYSIS This dreamer had only one issue on his mind the night before. He was trying to think of a way to make friends with a woman. If that's the case you should interpret any dream to see if any symbols are consistent with this thought. Its easy to see how this dream seems consistent with this thought.

The snake generally represents bad feelings. In this case this could easily represent the confrontational approach that the dreamer was going to take. Yet the snake is almost motionless or dead. That surely symbolizes his exact thoughts. The snake represents his belief that the confrontational approach would not be as dangerous as seemed. He hoped that he could manipulate this situation so that he could resolve some serious differences with her and so become closer.

The joyous scene which follows represents his hopes about the outcome. That it would end up happily. The scene is wholesome and innocent and childlike. The emotions the dream invokes all can be associated with the woman the dreamer wanted to make friends with. She was wholesome innocent and childlike.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
HOLDING HANDS : "The dreamer hoped to make friends with a woman. The joyous and wholesome scene represented her personality."
DEAD SNAKE : "A threat or confrontation which is not quite as dangerous as thought. The dreamer wanted to resolve some differences by confronting this woman. He did not want to seriously confront her but rather to resolve matters. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to make friends with her. By raising an issue I have with her I hope to resolve differences and so bring us closer together."

See how the symbolic meanings capture a thought from the previous night.

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