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Not sexy dream analysis

THE DREAM - I was watching a woman strip. I was watching her take off each item of clothing. I think to myself that she is not so sexy. That she is a little overweight. But I say something nice to her to make her feel good. I say that I like her sexy outfit.

GUESSWORK The previous day the dreamer saw a woman that he was attracted too. She was not looking so good. Her hair was a little out of condition. He wished he had made a bit more of a fuss of her that day. He was worried that she may think that he was just liking her when she looked good.

The "Guesswork" stage of interpreting a dream involves spotting issues likely to cause dreams. For help with this click here

1. The dreamer had a situation which featured a similar theme the day before. He wanted a woman he was attracted too to feel good about herself. She usually looked good but this day she was looking tired and her hair looked a mess.
DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a woman that he fancied. Its easy to see how the dream deals with the following themes:
- making a woman feel good about herself
- A woman not looking very desirable

If you weave together the different themes then you find that the dream could easily capture this following feeling - "I really like her. Yesterday she did not look as good as she normally does. She looked a little tired. I wish I had made more of a fuss of her. I do not wat her to think that I am only interested when she looks good."

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