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Abused when nine years old dream

THE DREAM I was working in a pub in Bristol yet it was actually back home in Scarborough. There was something about this guy who said he had abused me when I was nine years old.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had recently started a new job working for a magazine. However, she was not being paid as the magazine was losing money. The magazines boss had lied in other ways. This was making the dreamers life a misery. Previously she had worked in a pub. This job was her first proper career opportunity and it all seemed to go immediately wrong.

It's often best to interpret dreams in reverse. First look for issues in your life which will clearly trigger dreams and then try to look for ways in which the dream portrays key feelings.

Clearly this issue at work was dominating the dreamers emotions as it was ruining her life. It is clearly the most likely cause of any dream.

At first glance the dream seems to link to issue as it mentions the word abuse. Thats a very relevant metaphor as the dreamer clearly feels abused in real life by her employer. So we can guess that this dream is definitely about this issue. So we can start to learn how dream symbolism works. This dream in some way links to reality. We just have to see how the symbolism works.

Clearly the term abuse is relevant. But why did the dream choose to use child abuse rather than other types of abuse? Let us make so me associations and look for similarities. A child abuser is particularly nasty. They use the power that all adults have over children. Adults are always believed over children. In real life the magazine boss was a good liar who seemd to be making the dreamers life a misery. A boss has power over an employer in the same way an adult has power over a child. The boss is in charge just like the adult is always in a position of power over the child.

What is particularly noticable in this dream is that the paedophile actually tells the dreamer that he abused her as a child. Clearly the paedophile in the dream is very confident in his crime. It probably shows how he feels that he can get away with it. This part of the dream clearly could have relevance as far as the dreamers real life situation is concerned. It could tap into a thought like "My boss has taken me on and then clearly abused me in the worst type of way. He clearly just thinks that he is getting away with it. He is so cheeky and shameless about it."

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