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Knife Attack Nightmares

DREAM - Knife Attack Nightmares On several occasions I've woke up from a terrifying dream of being attacked by one of my closes siblings. This morning I woke up felt so real. I could feel my brother as he stabbed me in my stomach, I held my breathe so he would think I was dead and he left me for dead. Thank God it was just a dream.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Argument with my kids father.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Try not to think in terms of - what does a dream mean. Most dreams mean nothing in terms of advice. They merely represent the inside workings of your mind. If properly understood they would probably just bore you... they would represent thoughts inside YOUR MIND which you are all to aware of.

Knife dreams in your case are easy to understand. Knife fights are deeply personal hand to hand combat... they tend to represent deeply personal emotional struggles... put simply they just mean 'I am having some bitter fights with my kids father'

You hold your breath... and pretend you are dead... what do you think that could represent? How did you feel as if you were holding your breathe and pretending to be dead in real life... what from the day before could this represent... to me it represents this type of thought... 'I tried to pretend that I was beaten and that I had had enough so he would simply go away'
COMMENT What does this mean??? I've been waking up from these type of nightmares randomly for about a month now... Sister or brother every time. Trying to kill me with a knife... I don't understand it...

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