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Scorpion stuck on heart

THE DREAM - I was with friends with my two sisters. They noticed that I had a scorpion around my chest. I explained that I couldn't get this off my chest. They tried to help me get this off my chest. But it was stuck there.

THE REALITY The dreamer had felt betrayed by a former boyfriend. This pain was obvious for most people to see.

THE INTERPRETATION The main symbol of the dream revolves around the word stuck. The dreamer was stuck in real life in a rut caused by a betrayal. The scorpion was positioned right over the dreamers heart - suggesting a dream about love issues. The dream also shows the dreamers friends trying to help her. The dream uses the phrase "getting it off your chest" which is a saying for talking things through.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
STUCK: The main symbol of the dream revolves around the word stuck. The dreamer was stuck in a rut caused by a feeling of betrayal
GETTING IT OFF YOUR CHEST: This is a popular phase associated with the need to talk an issue through.SCORPION: This represents the dreamers betrayal.
HERAT: The scorpion is positioned over the heart which symbolic of love.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I was betrayed and its obvious to see that I still feel the pain. However hard people try to help me talk through things I still cannot seem to get over the pain"

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