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Tornado and a strange talking head dream interpretation

A dream about a talking head which was talking gibberish was a symbol for the dreamers girlfriend who was continually arguing.

THE DREAM I had a very vivid dream about four tornadoes touching down right outside my house. My dream changed right when I was bracing down as one of these tornadoes was about to pick up my house. I then dreamed of a talking head hovering above a soup pot on a stove. It was talking gibberish and kept defecating out of its mouth. It kept talking gibberish in between sessions of crapping out of its mouth into the pot on the stove. The head was surrounded by a sitcom type family in a middle class house that you would most likely see if you lived in the 1940s. This scene was complete with its only laugh track and a creepy little maid that I couldn't understand what she saying.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having frequent yet pointless arguments with his girlfriend over the phone. He spent most of the day thinking about it.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams use symbols to express how we feel about real life situations. Tornadoes are very dangerous. In real life they can easily express our feelings about a situation where we feel that same need to hunker down until the danger passes.

Its likely that the dream shows how negatively the dreamer feels about his girlfriend during such arguments. The gibberish in the dream probably represents her inability to make sense. Though it may represent a judgement about both the dreamer and his girlfriends behavior. They both talked gibberish.

The sitcom is an unusual symbol. Perhaps this could symbolize the dreamers real life thoughts. Perhaps he views the arguments as ridiculous and totally not funny(just like a corny old sitcom).

Symbolic Meanings
TORNADO : The arguments with his girlfriend
GIBBERISH : The dreamer obviously feels his girlfriend does not make sense arguing about petty issues.

SITCOM : The dreamer perhaps sees this as a corny and ridiculous and simply not very funny(like 1950s sitcoms)

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My girlfirend never stops arguing. She is getting right on my nerves."

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