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Untidy house - dream analysis

A dream about an untidy house came just after the dreamers friend had nearly visited the dreamers very untidy flat.

THE DREAM I was down by the foreshore. My friend David was there. From there I sped down the street moving at great speed. I was like flying. Firstly, I was going quite slow and had periods of stop and start. But then I was flying again and could see the streets vividly. I was then in these halls of residence in a college. It was untidy. I then seemed to find my way outside. I was wondering how to get back in. I then bumped into these two really dodgy looking people.

GUESSWORK The previous day, the dreamers friend (who was in the dream), had lost his key. He had been looking for the dreamer for a spare key. The dreamer did not like people coming round to his home as he had an extreme phobia of letting people into his house. If he had come around the dreamer would have been in an extreme panic and would not have let him in even if it was an emergency.

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There is a clear association in this dream as the dreamer's friend was locked out the day before and in the dream the dreamer is locked out. So the dream seems to be about that incident the day before.

Why is it the dreamer who is locked out in the dream rather than the dreamers friend? May be this dream helps the dreamer relive this experience for himself. It explores the feeling "how would you feel if you were locked out?"

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