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Brown Bear & my Mother

A dream took place as the dreamer was thinking about her nephew who was on life support with no chance of survival. The dream clearly focuses on issues of life and death.

THE DREAM I saw a large calm brown bear just looking over the fence at me and about five feet from the bear my deceased mother just sat there calmly as if she was just waiting and looking at me too. When I saw my mother then the brown bear I yelled to my mom. Mom hurry get into the house there is a brown bear. As I hurried to get the dogs into the house & looked back to see if my mom was coming, she and the bear weren't there any more. The bear was calm and just looking and my mother never said anything she just looked at me with her hand crossed on her lap as if she was waiting.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Before I had my dream I have been sad because my nephew is on life support system with no chance of survival. I know he will die, I just don't know what day.

Posted at January 8, 2012, 11:07 by 2

Unclesirbobby (POSTED January 8, 2012, 15: 7: 56)
Well dreams tap into our deepest feelings. They seem completely irrelevant and bizarre yet often they KEY FEELINGS... the sort of feelings that roll off our tongues... your dream seems to revolve around WAITING... its not difficult to see the relevance of that to your situation. It must be awful waiting for someone to die.

The dream also features your deceased mother.. often dreams that deal with the theme of death will feature dead people..

unfortunately dreams like these will not help you... they just capture that feeling... of waiting. Understanding the dream just tells you how you feel... but you already know how you feel...

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