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Multiple dreams- people dying

THE DREAM I was in a relative house where somebody had died. I think it was my grandmother(She already died in real 1 year before). Then I saw the death of my friend. (She is far away from me. She is one of my good friends. That's all. She is getting married next month).I was attending her funeral.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I didn't see these deaths happening. I just saw their buried places and after funeral activities. And most of the people I met were strangers to me ( in real life). This dream was succeeded by 2 more dreams.

Posted at July 27, 2012, 04:05 by sheenavs (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED July 27, 2012, 16: 5: 27)
Well death often signifies the end of an era. Of course in your grandmothers case death represents death - she died and that was the end of an era.

But in your friends case marriage is in some sense the end of your relationship as it was. Things will never be the same again. If you do not see someone regularly then the relationship has kind of died anyway.

Its quite bizarre but the funeral is actually a clear symbol for her marriage. Its quite clearly a new phase and probably signifies the end of your relationship as it was.

You have just marked the change in your own mind. You have realised that people move on. Its difficult but its for the best. In your case - she is in a different country and that makes it almost impossible to keep things going

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