Old girlfriend dream

THE DREAM Our neighbors, who live in a granny flat in our back yard , discovered that their loo wasn't working so asked to use ours and my husband allowed it. I was so angry as they were in and out our home al the time. I was cross because I thought my husband didn't have the backbone to say no so I told them to fix their loo now. I felt they had invaded my privacy.

Suddenly I was on a street and there was a girl who looked 21 sitting in gutter. I approached and she said she was my husbands old girlfriend from way back and in she was 35. She wanted to talk to him. She said they shared a child.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The neighbors in back yard annoy me as they are too close to house and I look out my bk door and see them. I want to move.

I do sometimes wonder if an ex girlfriend will pop out of wood work.

Unclesirbobby (POSTED June 21, 2012, 22: 4: 02)
I understand your thoughts about the granny flat. It important in a dream to look at WHATS HAPPENING and to sum up a dream.

I think you always need to draw a dream together to show what it means. At the back of the dream its probably quite literal as its about insecurities about your husband... you fear some younger girlfriend.

The first part seems to link to some thoughts about bickering.... saying what you think. But also about the balance to find in saying what you think and not moaning.

I think the dream captures this typeof thought... "I do sometimes want to say some things that really annoy me to my husband but I draw back as I don't want to seem as if I am moaning. I suppose that I am a little insecure and that I fear he has an affair or bumps into an old girlfriend."

KarenT (POSTED June 22, 2012, 02: 5: 24)
This is exactly true! Thanks

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