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Older brother dream

THE DREAM I was in a room with my younger brother and I had gold glitter all over my face in the form of a mask. And someone knocked the door; My younger brother opened the door and in came my older brother and he was with this other guy, don't know who it is. My older brother looked at me and walked around the room for a little while. The other guy stayed outside. Then my older brother comes up to me and says my little sister come here and gives me a big hug. Then he looks at me as if he's going to say good-bye and that he is not returning. I woke up after that feeling so warm but empty inside. It was not a nice feeling.

THE REALITY The dreamer did have an issue in her life. She was wanting to face someone from her past but her older brother is not happy about it. She has a strong feeling that he is going to interfere.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel that my brother wants to interfere in my own affairs. I can sense he is not happy about my decision. "

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can have a symbolic or non symbolic meaning. Its important to check out first if there is some important issue involving your brother. In this case there was a pressing issue so the dream could easily be about that. The dreamer wanted to break up with her boyfriend but felt her brother would interfere to stop this.

In the dream the brother comes with a guy. Unknown men in dreams often symbolise male emotions. This matches reality in one sense that she does sense in her older brother a wish to interfere. That interference is the source of the dream. She senses pressure to act in a certain way. Brothers in dreams tend to symbolise brotherly actions and emotions. In this dream the elder brother maybe involved in this issue in that he is putting pressure on her. So his appearance in the dream is literal and not symbolic. Her little brother is maybe a symbol of her own stubborn desires to face someone from the past.

Symbolic Meanings
YOUNGER BROTHER : "The dreamer own stubborn course"
GUY : "a sense of pressure coming from her older brother"

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