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Future with boyfriend dream!

DREAM - future with boyfriend! the first dream started off in the kitchen. My boyfriend was looking at me he. he looked so angelic...almost sepia color. All I remember him saying to me was "...our three children." then the dream ended. a month later I dreamed about a psychic and he was drawing out all of my feelings for him and telling them to me. then next moment he started telling me my future and my boyfriend appeared next to me. the psychic said "he will be the father of three pregnancies". I knew he was talking about pregnancies with me. what's it mean?

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:the first dream I was probably just thinking about him . the second dream I remember thinking the day before " I just wanna know what my feelings are for him" how big is my love for him.
COMMENT If dreams capture your thoughts and feelings then try to see how this dream captures these feelings - " I just wanna know what my feelings are for him".It seems like a short play which captures your own emotions. The psychic is probably your own wish to read your own future... looking into your own destiny and deep feelings. surely it just asks the question "I just wanna know what my feelings are for him" but in an different symbolic way.The babies represent a possible future. A future which would presumably be happy .. so again its just your minds way of asking "I just wanna know what my feelings are for him".Your mind has just created a possible future and it then thinks about how you feel about it. So again its just asking this question "I just wanna know what my feelings are for him"
by Unclesirbobby
COMMENT Yes. Dreams compare one thing to another. They use symbols to compare real life to something else. So psychics represent the need to peer into te future. The need to know what your destiny is.
by Uncle-sir-bobby-robson

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