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Guy who talked to on yahoo and he was bragging- dream interpret

This dream seems quite literal in that it is about a woman who mixed something up. This shows that this issue was dominating the dreamers thinking at the time.

THE DREAM I was talking to a male friend on YAHOO (in real life she had met this man a month before. It was found out that he liked her but the information got mixed up. Then he moved). He asked me if I wanted to hang out on Saturday. I told him yes and it was midnight so I said I had to go so he said "OK bye". Then the next morning my friend (the one who mixed everything up) kept bragging about all these guys she says is flirting with her.

THE REALITY The dreamer had met the man in the dream. They seemed to get on but information got mixed up in various ways. Then four weeks later he talked to her and the dream is about everything since then.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had thought that the guy I met had lost interest but it was just some misunderstanding. I just got the wrong message from someone else"

DREAM INTERPRET Well this is like many dreams. It is obvious to the dreamer that in some way it relates to real life. However, the dream deals with yahoo and midnight and some of the portions of the dream are quite odd. Yet even to someone who does not know anything about dream interpretation this dream links with real life.

Many dreams simply show how we think on some subject - they merely reflect our opinions and dwell on the facts as they are. This could be one such dream.

The one key symbol here is MIDNIGHT. The dreamer very nearly missed the opportunity with this man. If the time is close to midnight then it symbolises the end of some situation. In that way this dream dwells on how something was nearly over before it had even begun. It possibly captures the dreamers emotion that this was nearly a missed opportunity.

Yahoo is a symbol of communication and so that is another obvious link to reality. The main theme of this whole incident was with communication. Since this missed opportunity the two had kept in close touch so the chances of being misunderstood where now slim.

Symbolic Meanings
BRAGGING : "overplaying something - the dreamer thought she had overplayed things in the first place"
MIDNIGHT : "the end of that day she met him"

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