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Trapped by deformed people

THE DREAM I went to some scary house to get my x wife she wasn't there and there were mutated deformed people trying to keep me from leaving and physically hurting me they kept saying that I owed them something I did manage to escape at the very end right before I woke up

BACKGROUND INFORMATION the love of my life whom I was married for for 7 years has walked out on me with someone that I let live in my house that she only knew for 3 weeks

In the process of trying to save my marriage I have paid for her apartment which she lived with this guy in and bought her a car I tried very hard to let go and just accept her new relationship and in the end just before the divorce became final I was assaulted by this person and had my jaw broken in 3 places lost 4 teeth and also cracked a few ribs

After this they have moved a few states away and she contacts me daily to try and tell me she wants to come home but then before the conversation is over she decides she isn't going to part of me wants to forget she ever existed and move on and part of me wants to try and fix what we have lost

Posted at July 5, 2012, 07:04 by alienheretic@gmail.c

Unclesirbobby (POSTED July 5, 2012, 07: 4: 45)
Dreams capture your emotions. They will not often tell you something you do not know - most people know how they feel. You know how you feel (you want to get back with her).The dream should somehow portray that thought and I think it does... you go to this scary house to get your wife ... you go even though there is only deformed people and lots of problems you still go. That really shows that you want her back whatever the problems.

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