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Paired up with guy I like - dream interpretation

THE DREAM In real life I am interested in a guy who also happens to be my best pal(I'll call him Andy). So me and Andy are studying science (zoology) in college. Our professor announces that we all have to start working on projects, the theme would be related to zoology for which we would be taken out of town to explore for our projects and everyone would be working in pairs. The professor made all the pairs for working on projects, my female friend just tells me that she is happy to be paired up with her crush(about which no one had any idea). Then I just tell her that I wish that someone good would be my partner in my project(wasn't even thinking about Andy at that moment). The professor comes to me and says," where have you been, I've been looking all over for you now your partner for project is(before he would announce Andy enters)him, you two are going to be together in it, best of luck." I just smiled and he too seemed to be happy to be with me. I tell him about the details of the project and theme(birds). I told him that first we will visit the bird sanctury and then find a good book, take photographs and tally it all.To all this he said,"wow, so you really had all these details worked out in advance. Ok, lets get started." And he is happy to go with the flow.

THE REALITY The dreamer is quite interested in the guy in the dream. He is also a best pal. But she was not sure exactly how to express her feelings.

THE INTERPRETATION If the land symbolises the facts about our lives then the sky represents the future and the possibility of change. In real life the dreamer was feeling romantic feelings for the guy in the dream. She indeed was thinking about send some subtle hints out. That's probably what these birds represent in this dream. Notice too that this is a bird sanctuary. That's perhaps got a subtle symbolic meaning. If birds represent ideas and visions of the future then surely a bird sanctuary links to a wish for people to express freely and openly any thoughts they have. In this case it represents the dreamers wish to show openly and honestly some feelings for this guy. Yet she does not want to make a fool of herself. So this is about a mature exploration of her feelings and his.

Symbolic Meanings
BIRD : "I want to communicate my feelings to my friend that I have romantic feelings for him"
BIRD SANCTUARY : "I want us to be able to freely exchange our thoughts and feelings"
FRIENDS CRUSH : "the dreamers own crush on her pal"
GO WITH THE FLOW : "the dreamer wants to send out subtle hints to this guy she likes but also wants to go with the flow. If he does not want an involvement then she is OK with that"
PROFESSOR : "I want to think things out very carefully - her own well thought out feelings"
ZOO : "I do not want my emotions to spill out in an embarrassing animal like way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have got to think this through carefully. I do not want to embarrass myself by expressing my undying love for him. Yet I do want to send out some subtle hints that I am interested. Then when he understands that he can make his own choice."

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