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Old best friend dream and supermarket

THE DREAM I had this dream that I was looking for a long time friend (or old best friend, whichever works). When searching for her I come across this supermarket and she was working as a check out chick. She seemed to be friends with the girl working next to her. I spoke to her briefly after I bought some groceries mainly talking about the change I was given.

Then I'm driving up this uneven and bumpy run to this car and find out she's living in a car with the girl from the supermarket. I ask if she's OK and why it is she's living in the car. It seems that she's comfy there. So the conversation left there.

From that it moves to me being in some academy. I was in a section where they were modelling lingerie. Nothing skimpy just basic stuffs and they were trying to get me to model some of the range my old best friend did. But her being of a more petite structure. It was not possible. Literally my boobs were being squished. So they put me in this white microfibre bra and I'm to wear designer jeans and some flashy belt when it comes to parading. I see myself as a little bit taller and not too much skinnier. I don't even think about that, so I'm unsure where that comes from. My appearance doesn't bother me in the slightest.

It then changes to being in a driveway and helping move a car. It was red. and my dad, my brother and my mum's boyfriend were there. Mum's boyfriend was standing on the sidewalk watching me and my brother try to move , I think it's, dad's car. I do not even accelerate yet when the car starts rolling down I try to put the brakes on and I'm literally jumping on them. And brother is looking at me and I'm telling him the brakes aren't working so then he tries to pull up the car. Dad then comes out slightly infuriated and tries to control the car. I try the hand break and it still does not work. There are no brakes on the car. Anyway I steer whilst they push it. And once stopped along the side of the road (road's smooth) I get out and dad and jono go to hop in. whilst we're at the car its like it turns into a boat and I look behind us and there's military troops marching up and down the road.

Then it changes back to me walking to some model showcase thing. So I'm walking along this main road in a city or something and as I'm walking along the road there's a movie being played like on this huge billboard thing and its there constantly as I am walking down the road and all of a sudden there's a kid walking with me, he asks me what's being played and I'm telling him that harry potter is playing.

Anyway it turns back to the academy and this time my old best friend is there and it's like we're getting ready to put on a show.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking about her old best friend. She moved over to the UK before her and she was thinking about contacting her. They used to do everything together at high school.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features the dreamers friend and since she had been thinking about her its likely that the dream is about her friend and how she misses her. Many dream will link to recent issues which have been on our minds. If other symbols seem to verify the dream then its clearly linked to her friend.

The main symbol is the Harry Potter symbol. Harry Potter is very reliable as a symbol. He represents a magical world in which our dream come true. In many cases it will connect with issues where we have practical difficulties in achieving our goals. In this case Harry Potter captures the feeling that the dreamer would like for her friend to appear as if by magic and so overcome all the practical difficulties.

So why does the car have great difficulties? Cars in dream symbolise our day to day progress towards our goals. In this case the car has great problems. That symbolises how in real life getting to meet her friend is more difficult than first thought. Many practical problems would have to be overcome.

So then why does the car turn into a boat? Cars symbolise day to day reality and the conscious real world. Boats symbolise feelings and emotional journeys. So in this case the dreamer has been thinking about the problems and whilst thinking this through she has been reminiscing about the old times. She has gone on an emotional journey.

So what's the stage all about? The stage in dream often represent a very public expression of thoughts and feelings. In this case it means that if the dreamer had chance she would say something like "it would be absolutely fantastic and brilliant to see you". And she would be wearing underwear because she would be exhibiting honest and open feelings - the naked truth. It comes down to the fact that this friend is very close and so with close friends you can afford to be honest and blatant about your feelings.

The dream starts off in a supermarket. These are symbols of the things that you want. You go into shops to get the things you desire(she desires to meet up with her friend) and also the options that we hold. Perhaps the friend is a "check out chick" because she through her friend she can get so many things - good times, friendship and honest advice.

Overall its probably true to say that the dream captured the following feelings within the dream - "I would so like to see my old friend who is also in the UK. I was thinking about this and wondered how I could get in touch. If I could get a contact number I would tell her how brilliant it would be to meet up. Yet deep down I am aware of the practical problems and know its probably unlikely. But anyway thinking about it got me reminiscing about the good times we used to have. But I really wish I could make her magically appear right now."

Symbolic Meanings
APPEARANCE : "The dreamer is not worried about her appearance because they are old friends and the relationship goes deep down."
BOAT : "Boats symbolise emotional connections and journeys. The dreamer starts reminiscing about old times and the way that she connected with her friend"
CAR : "Car symbolises day to day movement towards her goals. Yet in this case its not in control because the dreamer does not know how to contact her friend easily"
DAD : "Fathers symbolise how something has got out of hand. Its clearly impractical to see her friend"
LINGERIE : "Being very open and naked about feelings - telling her friend how much she means to her"
HARRY POTTER : "The dreamer simply wishes that her friend could magically appear"
STAGE : "The dreamer would publicly state how desperate she is to see her friend"
SUPERMARKET : "your options and desires"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about my old friend from Australia. She is in the UK. I would really like to see her. I know its probably not likely to happen but I really really wish it could happen."

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