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Dream symbolism - plane takes off but crashes

THE DREAM last night I dreamed that I was with my brother and his fiance in a car on vacation and we were driving by an airport. A delta jet took off to the right side of the car really close and went almost straight up. I said "that plane does look right" and then the plane straight up and down in the air began to fall forward because it was too straight up and down. Then I said "it's not going to make it" and it crashed on its top and exploded. I was going to say kids don't look but it was too late it already became a explosion by then.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently had a bust up with her brother. He had asked her to design some wedding invites for his own wedding. The dreamer did the best that she could but got a little annoyed at all the continual changes that her brother insisted on. The dreamer also feels like her brother thinks he is better than her. Yet she gets annoyed at having to sort out problems for him. Eventually she just told her brother that he would have to get his invites done elsewhere. After a series of phone calls she then just hung up on him and refused to speak. The dreamer often uses the phrase "it doesn't end unless it ends badly."

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams will often use a variety of metaphors to describe our feelings. Here the dream seems to capture an exact phrase that the dreamer uses herself to capture her feelings. She often uses the phrase The dreamer often uses the phrase "it doesn't end unless it ends badly".

The situation with her brother is an exact instance of this phrase in reality. The argument with her brother ended up in a disaster just as in the dream(an argument). Yet the dream also captures the protracted nature of the incident. the brother seemed to want to keep phoning up even though at this stage his sister just did not want to speak to her. This in fact made the situation worse.

The dream also features the dreamers brother and his fiance who are the people linked to this situation. Dreams will often do that(but not always).

Symbolic Meanings
PLANE CRASH : "The dreamers dispute with her brother ends up in disaster"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been having a real dispute with my brother. He has kept pushing me and finally it ended badly. I always say in life that 'it hasn't ended until it ends badly' ."

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