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Talking with the President dream

THE DREAM I was with President Bush, the second, and he was campaigning. I felt good towards him. I was explaining that I had to work within my limitations and that could not do something. He had a warm and endearing way about him. It was a nice dream.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was helping a local charity which was trying to improve its profile. The dreamer had been having some bad feelings towards the chairmen who was pressurising him. The chairman had just started to promote the charity and was campaigning for new funds from all over the country. The dreamer felt that the chairman was only pressurizing with good intentions.

DREAM ANALYSIS Look for little coincidences and associations with dreams. In real life this dreamer had just been told that a chairman of a charity he was involved in was "campaigning" for new funds. In the dream the dreamer was with the President who was "campaigning". This is too much of a coincidence and it suggests that the dream was about this subject.

But what does the dream mean? In real life the dreamer felt pressurized by the chairman of this charity. In the dream he was explaining that he wanted to help the President but needed him to know that he could only work within his limitations. So maybe the dream had an easy explanataion. It was clear that the President was a symbol for the Chairman of this company. So may be the dream had a simple and the dreamer wished to explain to his chairman that he did not like being pressurized and could only work within his limitations.

In the dream there was a warm and happy feel. It was described as a good dream. So that could portray good feelings towards the chairman. Overall the dream seems to have captured this exact thought "I feel pressurized by the chairman. I think he has the charity's best interests at heart. I should try to explain to him that I can only work within my limitations."

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